These Terms of Service governs the manner in which RIDE Caribbean Riders use the services of RIDE Caribbean from the http://ridecaribbean.com website ("Site"). This applies to the Site and all services offered by RIDE Caribbean.

  • Riders must be 18 years old to use our services.

  • Riders must pay with a valid credit or debit card.

  • Riders must sign up with all the required information.

  • Riders should allow minimum 30 minutes for driver to arrive at their location.

  • Riders total fare must be paid 72 hours prior to booking date.

  • Riders can cancel a booking 72 hours prior to the booking.

  • Riders will be charged a cancellation fee for late cancellations.

  • Riders should never pay a driver in cash unless confirmed and approved by RIDE Caribbean. (special conditions apply)

  • Riders can be asked to vacate a vehicle if the Driver feels threatened or that a Rider is violating regulations.

  • Riders should not encourage or accommodate Drivers in any illegal activity.

  • Riders should not carry any weapons on board a RIDE Caribbean vehicle.

  • Riders should never assault any Driver.

  • Riders 15 years and under will not be allowed to ride unless accompanied by and adult.

  • Riders with car seat aged minors will not be allowed to ride without a Rider provided baby car seat.

  • RIDE Caribbean is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • RIDE Caribbean is not responsible for any Private Driver damages to Rider items.

  • Riders should not eat on board any vehicle unless they have booked a service which allows such.

  • Riders must conduct themselves in a proper manner when travelling on a RIDE Caribbean vehicle.

  • Riders will be subject to video surveillance and recording on RIDE Caribbean vehicles.

  • Riders should not smoke on board any RIDE Caribbean vehicle.

  • Riders must respect other Riders whilst travelling on board a RIDE Caribbean vehicle.

  • Riders must abide by all rules and regulations.